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We are awakening to the true potential of our lives and purpose on this earth. Step out of the mundane and into Imrama.

Imrama Journey is a place where you can be your true self with no judgment from others. We will bring in the connection to nature, the elements and source energy. The focus will be on empowering you and helping you learn how to self heal. No one can do the healing for you, we can only guide you and provide you the tools. We are all here to experience life to it’s fullest, filled with love, joy and happiness. It’s time to take your power back and take your life back. You will find that you control it. No one else. Most everything is all about perception.

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The word "Imrama" means journey of the soul. It is a path and journey we must all find on our own, but one where we can find guidance and lessons along the way.

Holistic & Alternative Healing Services


Imrama Therapy

Alternative Healing Therapy,

Soul Therapy, Soul Coach,

Intuitive Healing & More... 

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MoonWater Vibrations

Sound Healing & Therapy,

Reiki Sessions & other Modalities

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Connecting the  Dots... Holistic Health Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Alternative Healing Therapies

Imrama Journey practitioners offer events and gatherings to help you expand and grow on your spiritual journey. 

Other events are for you to relax and let loose, or even learn new skills.

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