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Imrama Journey
with Cacao, Sound & Movement

Guided by Shelly of Imrama Therapy

Sound Healing by Moody of MoonWater Vibrations

August 10th @ 6:30pm

at Evolve YOGA & Wellbeing Center, Orland Park, IL

Join us for this 3 hour event that encompasses cacao, dance,

movement and sound healing


This event will start with a Cacao ceremony to open up your heart and help connect you to your consciousness and source energy. We will then move to the floor to ground and start our breath work and movement that will allow the connection process to begin.


As the Cacao Ceremony commences, Amanda will start a gong wash to help set

your intentions and start the process of your journey. We will then leave the

circle and start to move into Mana Movement, this will start the movement of

awakening the energy in your body by moving the energy around your body. Once

we complete this process you will then place a blindfolded over your eyes. This is

to stop any outside influences and force you to reach further within as the

music plays and brings you on your dance journey. This is will emerge you into a

transformational shamanic journey. It is a process that allows you to release

and access things that have been stagnant within you.


We will then follow with a rest period allowing you to feel and process that

you experienced, you will continue your journey as you are bathed in a sound

and frequency with gongs, crystal sound bowls and more.


Bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and a journal for writing your thoughts.


a 3 hour journey through time and space 


Suggested Love Donation $55

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