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Certified Alternative Healing Therapist

Certified Spiritual Advisor

Certified Life Coach & Soul Guide

Certified Dance Therapist

Accredited Spirit Dance Facilitator

Certified Usai Holy Fire III Reiki Master

Certified Anotjai Quantum Light Reiki Practitioner

Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

& Intuitive Healer


Let me start by saying anyone who has the opportunity to work with Shelly is extremely blessed. She has the innate ability to hold space without judgement, and lead you to your own greatest expression of yourself. She is a natural healer with TONS of background and experience. She is the only coach I know who truly tailors each session to exactly what her client needs in the moment. Her knowledge in energy healing, astro-healing, and crystals is immense, and she continues to amaze me with her wisdom. I always know, no matter what life challenges I may be going through, I can always come to Shelly to help bring peace, love, and clarity to any situation. Thank you Shelly!

Serena Wills

Shelly did an amazing job in helping me through the process of finding a better alternative to deal with anxiety and stress with what Imrama Therapy provides. She is very informative and detailed in explaining what will help and what each healing process does when she performed them. I highly recommend Imrama Therapy for those who are looking for ways to relax and find ways to lead a less stress filled life.

Ryan Felix Fernandes

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