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Awakened Soul Therapy is for those exiting the matrix a seeking some guidance and reassurance.

Have you recently become aware of the matrix? The Matrix that is run by corporate elites that have lied and manipulated us for their own gain. They have controlled the media, the banks, our politics and our history.


Have you fallen down too many deep dark holes, seeking truth?


With this comes a lot of questions that can be challenging. It can be scary and it can send you into a dark place at times. Realizing the pain and hurt being hidden under our noses. It’s troubling and sad. You want to help but you don’t know how and it makes you feel helpless. You try to tell your family and friends but they think your crazy. Well know you are not alone. We are a community and there are many other souls out there waking up on many levels. You can gain your power back. You can learn to accept the ones unaware around you. The ones that don’t want to face the truth just yet. and call you crazy.


This path can be lonely and isolating, it is seems to be part of our process. But because of this it can cause deep sadness and depression. I am offering a safe space for you to talk freely and speak your mind without judgment and with reassurance. I have gone through theses highs and lows of the truth.


I started my journey just before the pandemic and by the time the elections started I really opened my eyes to the truth. The manipulation from the media was shocking. I then started to fall down all the rabbit holes. Some were amazing truths that lifted my souls others were dark and evil they made me cry for a month. But it is all knowledge we need.

Before the pandemic I started my healing journey and learned many healing modalities and how to use my intuition. Since I have only gained more knowledge and have honed my skills and offerings. I learned more about alternatives therapies, and holistic remedies. I believe the medical system is not what we thought. I of course can only say so much on here.


I am here to offer a safe space and my console as well as guidance if needed. This is holistic alternative therapy, we can no longer trust in the system to find solutions. They will only continue to try to poison your body and mind. Break free of the standards it's time to start trusting ourselves and focusing on our health and natural ways to do it. I am certified in Alternative Healing Therapy and Spiritual Advisor. I will also offer Intuitive Healing services such as Holy Fire Reiki, Antojai Quantum Reiki and or Crystal Healing upon request, or if I feel it could help you on your healing journey I will add it into the session.

Imrama Therapy is a subsidiary of Imrama Journey

Imrama Journey is a PMA a faith based Ministry

Private Membership is required.

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